Thursday, April 29, 2010

Opposing Articles: Abortion

One significant topic of controversy that has engulfed the media in the past decade has been the issue of abortion. Many people who support the right to abort a fetus believe that they have a right to terminate a life because it is their choice. Others feel that abortion is the murder of a small child. After searching online, I found two articles that discuss both sides of the issue. The first article by the supports why abortions should be abolished. The article begins by arguing that the bible claims, “Thou shalt not kill,” and that this commandment includes all people, despite their age. The article also argues that doctors take an oath to save lives and not kill defenseless unborn children. In addition, this article provides the shocking statistic that over 1.5 million abortions were performed the year they were made legal. Overall this article was extremely convincing and the arguments stated were very thorough and reasonable. The second article by favors the pro-choice side, which supports the legalization of abortions. This article mainly argues, “if a pregnant woman has dominion over life, why should she not also have dominion over not-life.” Also, the author presents a very good argument that is is a mother’s moral duty to not bring the life of an unwanted child into the world. After reading this article, I was also convinced that abortion should be legalized. I do believe that the first anti-abortion article has many more arguments, making it much more convincing. Overall, after both arguments were presented, I am still neutral. I honestly feel that abortions are wrong and should be illegal, but if someone was raped, that child should not be brought in to the world unwanted. I am glad I’m not making the laws!

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  1. nice article/ but if I was raped, I would still want my baby! (weird, awkward statement ... haha)