Friday, April 30, 2010

Response to Lisa's Analysis Of Celeb Endorsments

After reading Lisa Ruff’s analysis of a celebrity endorsement, I learned a lot of information that I didn’t know about the Olsen Twins. Lisa begins her post by saying how our generation grew up watching the Olsen twins on various television shows. After becoming popular later in their careers, Lisa claims that Mary-Kate were admitted to rehab in 2007 for their eating disorder, which jeopardized their endorsement with the Got Milk campaign. In my opinion, Mary-Kate ruined both of their careers because the two twins are associated together all of the time. Also, I truly believe that the Got Milk campaign was not affected by Olsen twins scandal, simply because they got nearly every celebrity to endorse their campaign. However, I do think that this is a serious problem, because it shows kids that you need to be skinny in order to famous. The main reason for eating disorders, specifically anorexia, is because people are so concerned about their image. Almost every instance of anorexia involves beautiful, celebrity women. What is this teaching little girls around the world? This is teaching them that they need to watch their figure by starving themselves to stay skinny. This website reviews a list of celebrity women that have all had eating disorders that have affected their careers. Now a lot of celebrities are more associated with their eating disorders rather than their actual careers. They are literally starving for attention.

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