Friday, March 26, 2010

Demonstration Speech Self-Evaluation

After viewing my video, I took the time to review the negative and positive elements of my demonstration speech on how to ask a girl on a date. My self-evaluation began on the assessment of my informational content. I thought that I did a good job of explaining the relevance of my topic and gave several reasons supporting my topic. In order to maintain organization, I presented my speech in a series of 6 steps, really stressing the first step. I did not do a good job of spending the same amount of time on each step because the beginning of the presentation of the speech had more detail than the end. As far as my physical presentation, I did not do a good job of speaking clearly, and at times my volume was a tad low. I also could have done a better job of making more eye contact, but anyone watching the speech could tell that I reviewed the speech beforehand. I did a good job of bringing energy to the speech, and I engaged the audience by being entertaining and enthusiastic. I also did a decent job of using hand gestures and body language when presenting my visual aids. As far as my visual aids, I was somewhat limited as to what I could use. However, my various assortments of hygiene products and clothing were visually appealing and enhanced the quality of my presentation. If I could improve any aspect of my speech, I would have lowered my notecards from my face a little more and made more eye contact. Also, I would want to increase the volume of my voice. Overall I am glad that I choose my topic because it was unique and I had fun planning out the speech; therefore, I would definitely do this again.

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