Thursday, March 25, 2010

Analysis of a Celebrity Endorsement

Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA superstar center for the Los Angeles Lakers, can be identified as one of the leading spokespeople for Nestlé Crunch. Due to his numerous endorsement deals, Shaq was the fifth highest paid athlete in the world in 2004, making over $31.9 million. The “Nestlé Crunch” is a chocolate candy bar blended with rice crisps to give the bar its unique crunch. I believe that Shaq is definitely an appropriate choice to endorse this candy bar. “Crunch” symbolizes something powerful and dominant in my opinion; therefore, I believe that a strong and dominant player in the NBA should endorse a product similar to his characteristics. Also, according to Nestle Crunch marketing Manager Brian Owens, “crunchy” means confident, lively, witty and entertaining. Shaq encompasses all of these characteristics and shows all of these attributes on the basketball court. This endorsement deal began in 2001 and both parties have made extreme profits. As a matter of fact, Shaq endorsed the “Crunch Bar” for about 9 years and continues to do an excellent job. Over 20 different commercials have been created and the Nestlé crunch bar has been one of the most popular candy bars for the past two decades! Due to the cooperation and success of Shaq’s advertising with Nestlé, the Nestlé Corporation created the “Shaq Size Bar” that weighs in at a whopping 9.25 lbs! I think that Nestlé’s success simply comes from the quality and popularity of their product. The candy bar is unique from most others and most significantly- it tastes great. Also, unlike many other candy bars, the Nestlé Crunch offers many different varieties with different ingredients such as caramel, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and peanuts. In addition to success with just the candy bar, Nestlé has improved their marketing campaign by adding their bar other products like ice cream, as seen in this article.

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