Monday, March 8, 2010

Preparing a Meal Response

In response to Justin's post, I definitely agree when he states that we have shifted to a point where food is only seen as nutrition and not as a social event. Although we are two completely different ethnicities, we share similar backgrounds when it relates to the thoughts of food. As an African-American, sitting down and eating at the family table was the highlight of the day, as well as a time to bring the entire family together. We weren't concerned necessarily about the nutritional value of family dinner, whereas society is starting to lean more towards enhancing the healthiness of our food. I'll admit that traditional African-American food, which includes soul food, may be high in cholesterol, fat, and sugars; however, the preparation of the meal and the conversation at the family table is what really matters.
Also, I found Justin's point about finding authentic Italian ingredients very interesting. As we become a more and more fast-paced, people believe that they don't have time to search for fresh ingredients at the local supermarket. Instead, people will look for something quick, in which most cases results in the purchase of fast food or something processed in a can. In addition, home cooked meals simply taste better and usually end up even healthier. Chef Boyardee, as Justin stated, may be a simple and quick version of an Italian dish, but it takes the fun out of preparation. Fresh ingredients such as homemade pasta, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and fresh italian sausage will always taste better than something out of a can. Processed meat overloaded with preservatives and artificial tomato sauce with additives like corn syrups and glucose does not promote a healthy diet either. Preservatives and chemicals are simply added to the canned food to make it have a longer shelf-life. I would rather have my food freshly prepared than canned food that has been lingering for months. This article describes the dangers of eating processed foods and how certain chemicals can give rise to certain health problems.

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